Virginia Sells Trees Through Wednesday

The Virginia Department of Forestry will continue selling trees online through April 23. The department grows and sells more than 24 million seedlings a year and has already sold out of redbud, yellow poplar, gray dogwood and wild plum. Online orders can be made at in quantities as low as 10 or 25.

Karlan Mansion Egg Hunt Saturday

Wilderness Road State Park in Ewing hosts the annual Easter at Karlan celebration at Karlan Mansion tomorrow afternoon. The mansion grounds provide a spectacular backdrop for the East Egg hunt which offers thousands of eggs for kids in three age groups. Some eggs old candy. Others hold coupons good for chocolate bunnies and prizes. Friends of Wilderness road State Park provide the eggs and Walmart provides the candy inside. Participants are asked to bring their own baskets. Admission is a dollar a car. 2pm Saturday.

Wilderness Road Bus Trip Saturday

An interesting fieldtrip is offered by the Southwest Virginia Museum Historical State Park tomorrow. Don’t know that there are any seats left, but those who have reserved a seat will go on a bus ride led by Dr Lawrence Fleenor and the museum staff along the Wilderness Road. The event is called Wander the Wilderness and the bus will travel from the Anderson Blockhouse to the Cumberland Gap, stopping at important historical locations along the Wilderness Road. Dr. Fleenor is the author of several historical books and is historian for the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association.

Easter weekend events

This Easter weekend is packed full of events
Easter Egg Hunt and Drop will be on Saturday, April 19, at 12:00 noon, in Cumberland Bowl Park. Registration will begin at 10 am.

Wilderness Road State Park will be host a fifth annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19, at 2 pm at the Karlan Mansion.

In Middlesboro, KY, there will be a seventh annual Fish Fest on Saturday, April 19, from 8 am to 5 pm.  Children under 13 years old can fish for rainbow trout in the canal at the Middlesboro city parking lot. Adults may accompany the youth but may not fish. There is a three-trout limit per child.

Shoplifter arrested, Lee County Sheriff’s Press Release

On Wednesday, April 16th, Lee County Sheriff's Office arrested Buddy Duane Hardy, 40, of Cawood, KY, and Derrick Ray Robinson, 28,  of Coalgood, KY.

The suspects have shoplifted several stores in Lee County.  There were items stolen from Walmart in Jonesville, VA, and Rite Aid in Pennington Gap, a loaded shopping cart of laundry detergent in Dollar General Store of Pennington Gap, and electronic cigarette from Black Diamond in Stone Creek.

Once arrested, one of the suspects confessed about the shoplifting, and were able to retrieve some of the stolen items.

Both were held without bond and future charges are pending. Sheriff Parsons commended the work of his officers in bringing these individuals to justice.

The Lee County Extension Office is offering a series of Farm Business and Transition Workshops. 
This workshop is to help farmers and land owners with business and legal decisions.
On April 17th, Andrew Branan is the guest speaker and will be discussing legal decision
 regarding the farm including business entities and farm transition to other generations.
The workshops will take place at the Adult Learning Center beside the Lee County School Board Office
 at 6:00 pm with a meal being provided for those who register.
to register, please call the Lee County Extension Office at (276) 346-1522 or

Central high school threat

On Tuesday, April 16, Central High School, in Wise, VA,  student made "general threats" during school hours by using Facebook. The identity of the minor was not released and did not say if the threats were directed at specific students or the school as a whole.

Commonwealth's attorney officer stated that the student has not been charged yet, but criminal charges are pending.

Wise County Supervisors is taking the threats seriously.

Board of Supervisors April

For a continuous of the Board of Supervisors April meeting,

The Board received notification of award of Byrne Justice Assistance Grant.  This grant is typically used by the Sheriff's Department in the Prevention and Education category.

Members discussed moving forward on prepare bid documents for the new Transfer Station building.  Dane Poe stated that this structure is important and needs to be taken care of.  Another building that was discussed for renovation was the new Cooperative Extension Office. The Board received three bids for the project, but the lowest bid was almost double what was expected to spend on the renovation.  Members are going to more into different ways to save money for the project with the architect.

A Special election will be held for Circuit Court Clerk after the passing of Beverly Anderson. Rene Lamey took the oath of office as the County's Interim Circuit Court Clerk.

Wait Till May to Plant Seasonals

Southwest Virginia nurseries are advising those itching to start spring gardening that it is still too early to plant a lot of seasonal flowers. April will still bring in some temperatures that will kill some of the more delicate species. Pansies and snapdragons are hardy cold resistant flowers, and all bulbs can go in now, but most season flowers should be planted in May.

April Frost Again

Believe it or not there was a freeze warning in effect till late this morning, and another one posted for overnight tonight, with damaging cold threatening plants. Fruit trees that have put out blossoms and buds could suffer loss of fruit this year. And fruit and vegetable crops could suffer damage from frost. Strawberries, onions and spinach are very susceptible to freezing. Flowering plants in pots should be brought inside.