No Boundaries All Inclusive Park

The Pennington Gap "No Boundaries All Inclusive Park" could become a reality thanks to the generosity of property owners Ben Sergent III, Birg E. Sergent, Nancy J.H. Sergent, Sylvia Jane Sergent, Darrell Crusenberry and Pamela Darlene Caudill who donated the proposed future site to the Town of Pennington Gap.
Consisting of roughly three acres, an 18,000 square foot building and 700 feet of riverfront property adjacent to the Powell River it has one building recently vacated in preparation for the deed transfer to the Town of Pennington Gap. Originally built as a grocery store with attached variety store. The Caswell Walker property was the former location of Payless Grocery store and has now been renovated into a strip mall shopping center which was used most recently as a four unit commercial center.
Pennington Gap Town Manager, Keith Harless contacted the property owners about the future plans for the property. After lengthy discussion, Mr. Harless offered the possibility of the then current owners to donate the property to develop an innovative type of park that is designed to include everyone. Not only standardized park equipment but also equipment to accommodate everyone including special needs children with a strategic mix of playground equipment and activities for all abilities and ages.
Designed with the different needs of children including autism and other barrier challenges the park would also feature an area set aside for fitness support and the actively aging members of society. With an estimated cost which includes a playground, new bathrooms, a riverfront pavilion, and numerous overlooks of the river to be designed for fishing of $800,000.00. As of this moment the Town has not appropriated any funds but discussions have begun with private investors and many grant agencies. The Lane Group from Big Stone Gap has offered to perform all engineering at no cost.

Commonwealth Citizens Safe from SB 239

Starting January 1, it will no longer be a felony in California to knowingly expose a sexual partner to HIV with the intent of transmitting the virus. Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that lowers the offense to a misdemeanor.
The California legislature passed SB 239 in September.
The law previously punished people who intentionally exposed or infected others with HIV by up to eight years in prison. The new legislation will lower jail time to a maximum of six months.
The new law will also eliminate the penalty for knowingly donating HIV-infected blood. This action is a felony under current law and will be decriminalized starting in January. Supporters of the change argue the previous law was antiquated because all donated blood is tested for HIV.
Many Republicans staunchly opposed SB 239, saying it could lead to an increase in HIV infections.
Sen. Jeff Stone, who is also a pharmacist, voted against the bill and strongly expressed his disapproval in September when the Senate voted on it.
The senator doubled down on his claim that "many people do not properly adhere to their drug treatment." Stone also wrote that the bill "runs contrary to the state's responsibility" of protecting Californians.
Sen. Joel Anderson, another Republican who voted against the bill, argued that people infected with HIV could never live their lives "to the same extent" again. He said it was irresponsible not to disclose the possibility of a life-altering infection.
In relation to SB 239, locals here in the Commonwealth of Virginia donors and recipients  can be reassured by a statement from Marsh Regional Blood Mobile representative Jean E Reece who stated that this change was “Just a California thing, the FDA and AABB have not changed the regulations/standards in regards to HIV donations.

Big Stone Gap Man Found

A Big Stone Gap man, Jerry R. Long, who had been reported missing along the Route 23 corridor was finally located by Virginia State Police on Friday morning.
Long was found walking near the Route 23 and Route 58 area of Scott County a little after 10:00 a.m. Friday morning after having not been seen by his concerned family. He had last been seen in the Jasper community of Lee County. Police stated they had located his car and that bloodhounds had been used in the investigation.

Needle and Syringe Found at Leeman Field Park

Cleaning crews in Lee County, Va have been at Leeman Field Park after a needle was found by a concerned parent in the sandbox.
While there police officers subsequently found a syringe in the volleyball court but Town officials don't believe the items were drug related.
Town Manager Keith Harless stated "We had a parent notify the police department that they thought the syringe belonged to their child.. a diabetic child."
Deciding to take every precaution Town Officials had crews rake through the affected areas in search of any additional parpahernalia and are now considering increasing the security for the park.
The sandbox and volleyball court have both been reopened and deemed safe for children to enjoy.

Lee County Board of Supervisors Meeting Tonight

The Lee County Board of Supervisors will meet tonight at 6:00 p.m. in the General District courtroom  of the Lee County courthouse in Jonesville for their regular monthly meeting.

Free Basic Hunter Education Class

Basic Hunter Education class will be held on Saturday October the 21st from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Pennington Gap in the Outreach Building located at 41844 East Morgan Avenue between Lee Family Dental and Edward Jones. The class is offered free of charge but pre-registration and self study is required before your attendance.
This class is a requirement for potential hunters ages 12-15 and first time hunters of any age in order to purchase a hunting license. The class is open to all potential hunters but adults must accompany children under the age of ten.
For additional information about your free options concerning self-study or to register for the basic Hunter Education class log on to
If you have any questions you may contact Melissa Harber at 276-346-2153.

5 P.M. Today Is The Deadline For Registering

A reminder that in order to be eligible to vote in Virginia’s General Election on Tuesday November 7th you must be registered and qualified in the District and precinct in which you live no later than THIS evening October 16, 2017 by five p.m. The Voter registration office of Lee County is open Monday thru Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For qualified registered voters that need to vote In Person by absentee ballot for this election the Voter Registration Office will be open Saturday October 28th and Saturday November 4th from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. for your convenience. Tuesday, October 31st is the last day they will accept absentee ballot applications for mail. Both Mail Absentee and In Person voting began September 22, 2017. The Registrar of Voters office is located in the Lee County Courthouse on Main Street in Jonesville in Room 204. Keep in mind a Photo I.D. is required for Voting in Virginia. If you don’t currently have a Photo I.D. you can get one made for free at the Registrar’s office. Patsy L. Burchett is the current General Registrar whom you may contact for additional info at or by phone at 276-346-7780.

Tomorrow Last Day to Donate Your Nuts & Acorns to V.D.O.F.

The Virginia Department of Forestry is still seeking 13 species of nuts and acorns to be planted at it's Augusta Forestry Center and allowed to grow into tree seedlings to create forests for the future. They are hoping to collect Black Oak, Black Walnut, Live Oak, Northern Red Oak, Pin Oak, Chinese Chestnut, Chestnut Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Southern Red Oak, Swamp Chestnut Oak, White Oak and Willow Oak.
Virginians interested in contributing their excess nuts or acorns are encouraged to do so by collecting as many as possible in yards, parking lots etc. While collecting in a breathable sack, no plastic bags please, try to sort them into different sacks according to type and with the least amount of debris such as sticks, gravel and leaves as possible.
Please label each separate sack with the species (type) and date of collection. Once you begin to collect nuts and acorns please store them in a cool area until you are able to drop them off at the VDOF office no later than this Friday October 13th.

Lee County Board Of Supervisors Public Meeting October 17

The Lee County Board of Supervisors will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday evening October 17, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the Lee County Courthouse located in Jonesville. The Purpose of this Public Hearing is to garner the public viewpoint on a proposed ordinance that would establish a Regional Industrial Facilities Authority in cooperation with Dickenson, Scott and Wise Counties as well as the City of Norton. Copies of the complete proposed ordinance are available at the Lee County Administrator’s Office, located in Room 111 in the Lee County Courthouse in Jonesville, Virginia. Handicapped Access is available and if you require special assistance or have questions regarding access you may contact County Administrator Dane Poe at 276-345-7714.

Man Found Shot In Lee County

Bradley Fleenor, a man wanted for Violation of Probation was found Saturday morning around 4:00 a.m. according to Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons. Police found the man with a gunshot wound to the chest who was apparently involved in some sort of altercation. The wounded man is still hospitalized according to Sheriff Parsons.