Savida Request On Jonesville Council Agenda

Last month we reported on Savida Health requesting to locate a medication assistance treatment clinic in the Town of Jonesville, specifically in West Town Plaza.  The Jonesville Town Council tabled this request to further investigate this request and gain more information on what would be required to place such a facility in this location. 

One of the biggest concerns by the council was the requested location being close to Jonesville Middle School.  There is a state requirement that requires a facility using certain addiction medication to be located no less than ½ mile distance from any public school.  According to Sylvia White, Regional Operations Manager for Savida, this requirement does not apply to their facilities as they do not prescribe this medication and usually only have to meet a 1,000 feet spacing requirement.

Stephanie Chadwell, Jonesville Town Attorney, informed White that although there were no specific town regulations in place concerning a facility, the state regulation of a distance of 1,000 feet would be applicable.  She recommended Savida submit a conditional use permit to the council in order for the town to be able to vote on the request.  White said the company had not signed a lease and would look into the matter further.

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