Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Interpretive Center Grand Opening

Over in Duffield, officials recently held a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Interpretive Center. The new center features numerous exhibits that are intended to bring a large part of the regions history to life. The center serves a gateway to regional tourism by connecting visitors to other historical and cultural stops.
After many years of labor, the new center was finished and opened to the public this past winter. Locally funded by numerous organizations, along with government entities  which provided money for the construction, and still others funded the many exhibits. The 10,000 square foot facility includes a research library, conference room, gift shop, theatre, and museum which displays the story of early settlers to the area. Settlers who followed along Daniel Boone’s westward trail through Cumberland Gap.

Wise County Virginia School Board Approves 2020 Fiscal Year Budget

The Wise County Virginia School Board recently approved their 2020 Fiscal Year Budget. The more than $60 million dollar spending budget has been sent out to county leaders for approval. Included in the proposed budget is a %5 raise for teacher as well as picking up the tab for a $200,000 increase in the health plan. Its expected that the Board of Supervisors will consider the budget sometime in this month.

Virginia State Tax Deadline is Today

A reminder for our listeners that Virginia taxpayers have to have filed their state tax returns by today. The Commonwealth automatically grants a six-month extension to taxpayers that miss the deadline but the taxes will still need to be paid by today to avoid incurring penalties and interest on the amount you owe.

Norton City Resident Addresses City Council

Nearby in Norton, a local resident wants the city to get involved regarding numerous concerns on her street. Delores Bolling attended the city council’s meeting in order to bring to their attention current conditions on Hillcrest Drive, a short residential street off Kentucky Avenue. This one lane narrow street is currently a dead end route but Bolling stated that the route gets a lot of traffic and that she’s had issues with people blocking her driveway or dumping debris onto her property.
In addition to those frustrations, close to her home are two burned out houses that reduce the value of her home and that she believes one house may even be occupied. With incidents of trash burning past the allotted times she also complained that snow removal by city crews doesn’t reach to her house.
Last year she phoned city hall numerous times and spoke with City Manager Fred Ramey about potholes, and they were filled in within hours of her call. While Bolling acknowledges the City of Norton is currently focused on downtown revitalization efforts, she asserted that Norton is more than just downtown and if officials want to encourage tourism, they should fix issues in other areas.
After her comments, the City Council expressed gratitude for her alerting them to her concerns.

Anthony Moore Killed

Anthony Moore, age 39, was travelling south on Route 23 when his vehicle ran off the road, striking a culvert then flipping over and ejecting the driver who was not wearing his seatbelt. Moore died at the site, and Scott County Officials along with the Virginia State Police are continuing their investigation into the accident.

Mark Ward Sets New Record

A little something for area fishers is that there’s a new record in Harlan County, Kentucky thanks to a man who caught an extra large bass. Mark Ward of Harlan County, was the lucky man who set the new record when his largemouth bass weighed in at 14 pounds and 9.5 ounces according to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. Not only was it almost 27” long, with a girth of almost 23”, but it was his first cast of the day. The lucky lure he used was a 6” Junebug colored lizard.

Gary Austin Lewis and Lloyd Allen McDavid Arrested

A Scott County Deputy stopped a vehicle near the state line for having a loud exhaust. The driver, identified as Lloyd McDavid, stated that his muffler had several holes in it and that’s why it was so loud. The deputy inquired as to whether or not he had any guns or illegal drugs on him. McDavid asserted that he did not. When McDavid stepped out of the vehicle, a search of his person resulted in a small caliber revolver found in his waistband.
K-9 Officer alerted on the vehicle and during the subsequent search of the vehicle, a bag of crystal like substance was found in a head phone case. Behind the passenger seat a red bag was found. The passenger, Gary Lewis advised the deputies that it was his and that there was a gun inside. Neither subject had a concealed gun permit. Field testing of the crystal like substance showed it to be Methamphetamine. The weight was 1.03 ounces.
Resultant charges for the two subjects, Gary Austin Lewis and Lloyd Allen McDavid
are as follows;
Firearm: Possession with Schedule I/II Drug\
Schedule I/II Possesion with Intent to Manufacture/Sell/Distribute
Concealed Weapon Carry

John W. Walling Saved by Drowning by Arrest

A Scott County deputy spotted a wanted subject in Fairview who took off on foot through the woods. When the subject reemerged from the woods, walking on Angler’s Way, another sharp eyed deputy spotted him and he jumped into the Clinch River. John W. Walling, from Duffield, Va is wanted in both Scott and Wise Counties.
The deputy entered the river in order to aid the subject, the water level at the time was high and was rushing over his head. The deputy then had to subdue the subject in order to get him to safety. The struggling deputy was thrown a rope from a Gate City Police Officer and another Deputy. They were then able to be pulled to shore and Walling continued to fight against the deputies. Walling had to be subdued a second time in order to get him placed in cuffs.

Stacy Christine Morelock Arrested in Scott County

An alert Scott County deputy noticed a vehicle pulled off onto the right side of the road. The vehicle had its driver door opened into the road. The driver, Stacy Christine Morelock stepped out of the vehicle. The deputy asked her to identify herself and she gave him a false name. Sgt. Pearla alerted to the vehicle on the passenger side, and a subsequent search produced a small amount of Methamphetamine, two pipes with burnt Marijuana inside, eight needles, and several cut straws that had white residue on them and a glass smoking pipe with Meth residue inside.
In addition to the charges against Morelock out of Tennessee for Probation Violation, new charges include;
Drugs: Possession Schedule I/II
Possession of Marijuana 1st Offense
Possession of Controlled Paraphernalia
False ID to Law Enforcement Officer

Rhonda Middleton & Larry Alford Arrested in Lee County

An early morning patrol wound up with two arrested and charged in connection with Methamphetamine according to Sheriff Gary Parsons. Deputy Ty Taylor was performing his normal routine patrol on Curt Russell Road when he noticed a black truck which crossed the center line two different times and at one point had even stopped in the road without cause. Deputy Taylor conducted a traffic stop on the truck to check on the driver of the vehicle for possible impairment.
The driver Rhonda Middleton, age 39, of Pennington Gap had outstanding warrants on her that deputy Taylor was aware of and placed her under arrest for Violation of Probation two counts out of Lee County Circuit Court. Indictment from Scott County Circuit Court for Assault on Law Enforcement, Possession of Schedule l or II Drug, and Prisoner Possession of Marijuana/Schedule III. New charges placed on Middleton were Possession with Intent to Manufacture/Sell or Distribute Methamphetamine.
The passenger Larry Alford, age 46, of Jonesville was also charged with Possession with Intent to Manufacture/Sell or Distribute Methamphetamine. There were 26.07 grams of Methamphetamine found in the vehicle along with scales and baggies. Deputy Taylor was assisted by Sgt. Chris Dillman and Deputy Mason during the traffic stop.