Board of Supervisors April

For a continuous of the Board of Supervisors April meeting,

The Board received notification of award of Byrne Justice Assistance Grant.  This grant is typically used by the Sheriff's Department in the Prevention and Education category.

Members discussed moving forward on prepare bid documents for the new Transfer Station building.  Dane Poe stated that this structure is important and needs to be taken care of.  Another building that was discussed for renovation was the new Cooperative Extension Office. The Board received three bids for the project, but the lowest bid was almost double what was expected to spend on the renovation.  Members are going to more into different ways to save money for the project with the architect.

A Special election will be held for Circuit Court Clerk after the passing of Beverly Anderson. Rene Lamey took the oath of office as the County's Interim Circuit Court Clerk.

Wait Till May to Plant Seasonals

Southwest Virginia nurseries are advising those itching to start spring gardening that it is still too early to plant a lot of seasonal flowers. April will still bring in some temperatures that will kill some of the more delicate species. Pansies and snapdragons are hardy cold resistant flowers, and all bulbs can go in now, but most season flowers should be planted in May.

April Frost Again

Believe it or not there was a freeze warning in effect till late this morning, and another one posted for overnight tonight, with damaging cold threatening plants. Fruit trees that have put out blossoms and buds could suffer loss of fruit this year. And fruit and vegetable crops could suffer damage from frost. Strawberries, onions and spinach are very susceptible to freezing. Flowering plants in pots should be brought inside.

Wise Student in Custody for School Threat

In Wise County a student at Central High School was taken into custody yesterday for posting threats on Facebook. The age and name of the student were not disclosed except to say he or she is a minor, and the authorities did not say whether the threats were directed at specific fellow students or Central High as a whole. Criminal charges could be filed if the prosecutor finds it is warranted. Apparently another student tipped off a school resource officer about the threat. Wise Superintendent Jeff Perry says no threat remains and nobody was ever in immediate danger. Law enforcement is talking with the student’s parents.

Harlan County woman receives identity theft charge

Michelle Williams, 24, of Evarts, was arrested on a bench warrant for an identity theft charge after allegedly giving incorrect information in regard to a wreck.
The wreck occurred on Ready Mix Road and when Kentucky State Police Trooper Jason Young asked Williams about the wreck, she gave the name and date of birth of Kristie Napier in order to avoid detection.

Williams was lodged in the Harlan County Detention Center on a $2,000 bond secured by 10 percent.

Board of Supervisors April Awareness Month

The Board of Supervisor April meeting was held on April 15, at 5:00 pm.  During this meeting the Board discussed promoting awareness for different health issues and prevention designated months.

During the meeting, Curtis Gailey, gave the story about his son Sam, who has a serious neurological disorder called Chiari Malformation.  This disease is caused when the lower part of the brain, the cerebellum descends into the spinal canal.  Sam has went through many surgeries and suffers from sever headaches, and is not truly able to have a childhood due to the disorder.  Team Sam Chiari Warrior is wanting to promote the disorder.  The Board is discussed possibly having an awareness walk in the fall.

The Board also approved as having the month of May as Huntington Disease Awareness. Huntington’s disease (HD) is an inherited brain disorder that results in the progressive loss of both mental faculties and physical control.

The Lee County Cooperative Extension asked the Board to declaring the month of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Board approved.


Wise Store Employees Scared of Woman Customer-Call Cops

According to an entry in the blotter of the Wise County Sheriff, employees of a store in Wise called police asking for an officer to escort them to their cars because they were scared of a woman sitting in her car outside. The woman had banged on the door and demanded to come in after the store had already closed, and became angry that they would not re-open so she could get a sample of an anti-aging crème. She sat and stewed out in front in her car and employees wanted an escort so they could leave, not certain of what the woman might do.

Coeburn To Take Over Public Works

The town of Coeburn needs to save money in the worst way and so the latest plan is to stop paying Veolia Water for water treatment and public works and set up its own public works department and save upwards of 400 thousand a year.

Cops Tries to Find Body of Coeburn Woman in 30 Yr-Old Cold Case

A Radford City police investigator who has had good luck solving cold cases has taken up the case of Coeburn native Gina Hall, who vanished more than 30 years ago while a student at Radford University. She was the daughter of a prominent Coeburn businessman and she met her killer at a dance club. Stephen Epperly was the first person in Virginia convicted of murder without the finding of a body. Gina’s body was never found, and Police Lt. Andy Wilburn says it is his objective to find it even after all these years. After the dance police know the missing woman went with her killer to his cabin at a lake and called her sister to say she was there. Anyone with info is asked to call Radford police.

Spearhead Trail success

With summer months on the horizon Spearhead Trails' Mountain View located in St. Paul is now open. This trail is especially designed for ATVs, dirt bikes and side-by-sides.

The trail requires helmets, and riders need to buy an annual pass ($50) or daily pass ($15). Any age restrictions depend on the manufacturer's recommendations for the machines.

Spearhead Trails is the business name of a state authority that was formed in 2008 as the Southwest Regional Recreation Authority. The first trail in a growing system begins just outside the small town of St. Paul, which is "ATV friendly" and offers plenty of shopping, lodging and dining.

The Town of St. Paul is open to having the ATV's on the town streets into downtown and enjoy the community and the local businesses.

With the opening of the trails, St. Paul has seen new businesses open and has allowed entrepreneurs to expand their businesses within the community.

With the success seen in St. Paul with the Spearhead Trails, other local towns will be opening trails within the next year.

For more information on Spearhead Trails, visit the website at