Norton City Council Meeting

The Norton City Council Meeting recently met and discussed:

 A resolution Declaring the City of Norton a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City.

A resolution urging Federal Legislators to support legislation ro reauthorize the AML program.

A resolution in support of the Community Remembrance Project and acknowledging the efforts of former Norton resident and business owner Bruce Crawford.

A request for authoriztion to allow the city's Financial Advisors to request proposals for the establishment of a new line of credit.

Confirmation of a check/transfer in excess of $100,000.

Comments were also heard from the City Manager, the City Attorney, and the City Council before the Council adjourned.

Wise County Board of Supervisors Considering 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Support has already been given to declare Wise County Virginia a Second Amendment Sanctuary, according to Wise County Sheriff Ronnie Oaks and Sheriff Elect Grant Kilgore. Both Sheriff’s Office officials have posted on social media regarding community support of the stance. According to sources, currently the Wise County Board of Supervisors is considering the Amendment. As you may remember Lee and other Commonwealth counties have already made their support for the proposed changes evident.
In slightly more than a week following Bills filed at the state level, Wise County leaders have unanimously agreed to declare their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary. The newly submitted Bills propose much stricter firearm measures, including universal background checks, bans on assault firearms and raising the legal age to own or buy a firearm to 21 years of age.


Wise County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) No Meeting

There will be no meeting of the Wise County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) in December 2019. Instead Wise County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) will hold its next meeting on Tuesday evening January 21st, 2020 in the County Administrator's Conference Room at the Wise County Courthouse, E Main Street, Wise VA.

Wise County Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Wise County Board of Supervisors will hold their next Regular Meeting Thursday evening December 12th at 6:00 p.m. in the Wise County Schools Education Center, Conference Room A, located on Lake Street in Wise, VA.

Wise County Planning Commission Regular Meeting

Wise County Planning Commission will hold its next Regular Meeting, Monday December 9th at 5:00 p.m. at the Wise County Schools Education Center, Conference Room A, located on Lake Street in Wise, VA.

University of Virginia’s College at Wise

Begun in 2013, and culminating successfully finally in 2019, the University of Virginia's College at Wise has recently been recognized and awarded the National Association of Schools of Music Accreditation. With this achievement, the college's music department joins the chemistry, computer science, education, nursing and software engineering departments in being accredited.

Powell Valley Electric Cooperative Board of Directors Meeting

The next meeting of the Powell Valley Electric Cooperative Board of Directors Meeting will be held Monday evening December 16th at 6:30pm at their Jonesville Office located at 331 Church Street.

Don Bolden of Jonesville Sentenced

According to the latest Press Release from Lee County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office H. Fuller Cridlin:
Don Bolden of Jonesville, Va. has been sentenced by the Lee County Circuit Court to serve a total of thirteen years relating to distribution of methamphetamine. Bolden was sentenced on possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and multiple counts of distribution of methamphetamine. Following the defendant’s thirteen year term of active incarceration, the defendant will be on supervised probation for twenty years. Cridlin released the following statement:
“The Southwest Virginia Drug Task Force, in conjunction with my office and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, brought multiple sets of charges against the defendant after extensive investigation proved that the defendant distributed methamphetamine multiple times and possessed a large quantity of methamphetamine packaged for resale. The sentence imposed reflects the severity of the defendant’s conduct. These crimes have a devastating impact on our community. We will continue to investigate these cases vigorously and seek lengthy terms of incarceration in all cases involving the trafficking of methamphetamine.”


Dwayne Adams of Wise County

Dwayne Adams, age38 of Wise County, has been found guilty in a United States District Court in Abingdon, on charges of Firearm Possession. Adams was found in possession of a firearm after having been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of Domestic Violence. Adams now faces up to ten years in prison, along with a $240,000 fine. Adams will be brought by to federal court at a later date for sentencing.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office November 2019 Activity Report

Total calls received by Dispatch: 4,458
Total calls received that Deputies responded to: 924
There were 444  calls dispatched to other agencies.
There were  243 Rescue Squad calls and 4 Ambulance calls.
There were 47  Fire Department calls dispatched.
Deputies escorted 19 Funerals.
66 vehicles were unlocked for citizens.
Deputies served 86 Felony and Misdemeanor warrants and processed  39  people on 41 charges.
Deputies served 120 subpoenas, 11  show cause summons and  365  various civil papers for the three Lee County courts.
32 Protective Orders and 9 search warrants were executed.
Deputies traveled a total of  58,740 miles with 1,103 miles being on transports.
Deputies transported 3 juveniles, 2 mental health patients and  4 prisoners from other jurisdictions.
Lee County Reserve Officers volunteered 72 hours to the community last month.