Lee County Sheriff’s Department November Stats

November 2017 Total calls received by Dispatch: 5,821.
Total calls received that Deputies responded to: 904.
There were 182 calls dispatched to other agencies.
There were 219 Rescue Squad calls and 16 Ambulance calls.
There were 14 Fire Department calls dispatched.
Nine escorted Funerals.
Forty-one vehicles were unlocked for citizens.
Deputies served 150 warrants and processed 69 people.
Deputies served 177 subpoenas, 26 show cause summons and 279 other various civil papers. One search warrant was executed. Deputies traveled a total of 64,215 miles with 4,133 miles being on transports.
Deputies transported six juveniles, two mental health patients and three prisoners from other jurisdictions.
Deputies along with inmates from Duffield Regional Jail picked up 534 bags of trash from our county roads.
Lee County Reserve Officers volunteered 88 hours to the community this month.

Michigan Couple Arrested in Rose Hill

Sheriff Gary Parsons stated on November 30th at 2:27 in the morning that Deputy Scholl came upon a suspicious vehicle at the Black Diamond in the Rose Hill area of Lee County. Deputy Scholl made contact with the driver and passenger of a maroon Buick parked at the Black Diamond where the male falsely identified himself, but later was identified as Scott Mitchell Ouellette of Michigan and Amber Marie Shuey, also from Michigan.

Deputy Scholl ran the registration as well as the VIN and confirmed the vehicle was reported stolen from Michigan. Deputy Denver Scholl assisted by Deputy Christopher Dillman detained the two subjects and began an inventory of the vehicle, at which time Deputy School found an open backpack in the trunk with a glass jar visible in the bag containing a crystal like substance, which later was found to be the precursors to the manufacture of methamphetamine.

The deputies conducted a full search of the vehicle at that time and found additional narcotics as well as paraphernalia. Mr. Scott Ouellette age 27 of Michigan was arrested and charged with falsely identifying to a law enforcement Officer, Possession of Controlled Paraphernalia, Grand Larceny of a Vehicle, Conspire to Distribute Schedule 1 or 11, Possession of Schedule 1 or 11 and is being held without bail. Mrs. Amber Marie Shuey, age 36 of Michigan, was charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Schedule 1 or 11, Possession of Schedule 1 or 11, and Possession of Controlled Paraphernalia.

Lenowisco Planning District Commission Board of Directors Meeting

The Lenowisco Planning District Commission Board of Directors will meet Monday evening December 4th at five thirty in the Crooked Road Technology Center. Suite 101 at 372 Technology Trail in Duffield.

Lee County Public Service Authority Meeting

The Lee County Public Service Authority has rescheduled their next meeting to Tuesday evening December 5th at five thirty at the Lee County Airport. There will not be another meeting until Tuesday afternoon January 23rd, 2018 at five thirty at the Public Service Authority Office located at 397 Park Street in Jonesville.
The Lee County Public Service Authority plans to reopen the new office facility on Park Street soon and apologizes for any inconveniences this may cause in the meantime. For more information visit their website at www.leecopsa.org.

Joint Meeting Scheduled

The Lee County School Board will have a joint meeting with the Lee County Board of Supervisors on Thursday evening December 7th at six o'clock at the Lee County School Board office.

Wise County Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Wise County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Thursday evening December 14th at six o'clock in the School Board Education center located on Lake Street in Wise for the purpose of hearing public comments concerning a change to Wise County's FY 2017-2018 budget in the amount of $515,081 which is greater than one percent of the adopted FY 2017/2018 budget.

Lee School Board Meeting

The Lee County School Board will meet on Thursday evening December 14th at six o'clock in the board's conference room located in Jonesville on Park Street.

Virginia Fire Rescue Conference

Early bird registration is now open until January for the 2018 Virginia Fire Rescue Conference that will be taking place in Virginia Beach, February 21-25, 2018.

Fires in Gate City and Smyth County

According to Gate City's Fire Chief Jeff Brickey, the fire that utterly destroyed the Pentecostal Powerhouse Church located on Virginia Avenue in Gate City doesn't appear to be suspicious at this time.The investigation into the fire has been turned over to the Scott County Sheriff's Offices and the State Police arson investigator has been notified and are headed to the site of the overnight church fire that happened late Monday night.
At this time there is no indication as to the cause of the fire but the results of the investigation will be made public when they finish.

Meanwhile a house fire on Sugar Street in the Adwolfe section of Smyth County, Virginia was reported late Saturday evening. Adwolfe Fire Department Chief Widner stated that there was only one man home at the time and he was transported to the hospital for his injuries, which were most likely smoke related. The house fire caused severe damage and investigators are looking into the cause of the fire at this time.

Functioning smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home reduces the risk of dying in a fire by fifty percent. On average three out of every five fire related deaths in Virginia occur in homes with no smoke alarms (38%) or non-working smoke alarms (21%). Remember to check yours are in working order.

NASCAR’s Bud Moore Dead at 92

NASCAR Hall of Fame member, World War II Veteran and car owner, Bud Moore passed away Monday night at the age of 92. He fielded cares in the top NASCAR series from 1961-2000, winning the Cup title in 1962-1963 along with the late Joe Weatherly. A native of South Carolina his only win at Bristol Motor Speedway as a car owner was in 1961 with Weatherly