Woodway Water & Wise County Public Service Authority Receive Funding

In Lee County, Woodway Water Authority will be making water system improvements after receiving a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant. Woodway Water Authority is expect to receive $259,000 from the USDA’s Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant program for replacement of roughly 103,000 linear feet of ¾” to 8” water line. Nearby, the Wise County Public Service Authority will also receive $22,500 from the program.
The plan of the Woodway Water Authority includes installation of 96 gate valves and 64 fire hydrants, including necessary associated equipment. Along with abandoning an older existing water storage tank. They intend to reconfigure the water system so that the two water tanks at the federal prison will supply water to the Woodway community.
Another added bonus is that the intended project will also eliminate the current high risk of cross-contamination with groundwater in the neighboring area and will meet the Virginia Department of Health’s 10 State Regulations. These regulations are used as the standard for the minimum number of valves which should be available on water mains in order to minimize inconvenience and potential sanitary hazards during system repairs.
Director for Woodway Water Authority, Jeff Kilgore stated, “We will be replacing about 65% of our distribution system with this grant/loan. We’ll be upsizing line for future growth and better fire protection. We’ll also be installing working valves which will allow us to contain service interruptions to a smaller area while making repairs related to leaks.”
In addition the Woodway Water Authority will also build a water treatment plant that should be up and running at some point later in this year. Kilgore went on to add that they will continue to buy water from both Jonesville and Pennington Gap but their new system would help to supplement. Construction is slated to begin this June, with one contractor on the Pennington Gap side and the other on the Jonesville side.

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