Wise man arrested after police follow trail of beer cans

Norton Police say a man was captured after escaping from custody on Saturday after an officer followed a trail of beer cans to his location.

Travis Scott Pratt, 39, of Pound, Virginia fled from officers at the Wise County Justice Center around noon on Saturday.

The Norton officer began pursuing the man on foot, with help from the Wise Police Department and University of Virginia College at Wise Police.

Authorities did not say how the man escaped custody.

Sheriff's Deputy Josh Edmiston was coming to assist when he located the vehicle driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed on Christmas Lane.

Edmiston advised the Sheriff's Office that a large amount of empty beer cans were in the truck bed.

Local citizens alerted deputies that the vehicle was then traveling near Lonesome Pine Airport and Edmiston was able to follow the trail of beer cans.

Police said the vehicle’s driver noticed the deputy and fled again, driving through several yards and then back onto the highway before jumping from the moving vehicle and fleeing on foot. Edmiston pursued the man on foot and was able to take him into custody.


Herald Courier

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