Wise County Sheriff’s Office Receives V.D.E.M. Grant

The Wise County Sheriff’s Office recently received a grant from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management from funds made available through the Department of Homeland Security. The grant was used to purchase thermal imaging devices that can be used during search and rescue missions. These devices can also increase deputy safety by assisting in locating wanted subjects that maybe hiding.
Assistant Sheriff Grant Kilgore states, “We continuously seek out grant money for advanced equipment to improve the safety of our deputies and increase our law enforcement capabilities. We have been very fortunate to have obtained thousands of dollars in grant funding over the years for specialized equipment we could not have otherwise purchased.”
Night vision technology turns invisible infrared radiation into something you can see, and has been available since the 1960s. Thermal image cameras pick up the heat emitted by an object allowing police to monitor individuals when conditions would prevent traditional cameras from gathering good images. This technology is especially helpful when searching wooded areas, open meadows, buildings, dark car lots, stake outs or monitoring the perimeter of tactical operations to name just a few of the many uses and benefits for law enforcement.
The Virginia Department of Emergency Management Grants Office administers all non-disaster/preparedness grant and funding programs available to local governments and State Agencies for the Agency. These funding opportunities are used to enhance the overall preparedness and response capabilities for a full range of hazards.
Once registered, any time that VDEM has a non-disaster preparedness grant cycle open for project ideas, a Project Proposal Process will be announced and they will send out emails with all of the important information.

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