Wise County Sheriff’s Office Receives 5th State Accreditation

The Wise County Sheriff's Office recently received their 5th Accreditation Award when the Sheriff's Office went before the VALEAC Board in Fairfax, Virginia.
There was a report presented to the board with the four year audit results that were performed by independent law enforcement assessors. The Wise County Sheriff, Ronnie Oakes is continuing to hold his department to higher professional standards and accountability and is pleased to have received a unanimous vote of yes that allowed them to remain accredited. Wise County was also the first agency in far Southwest Virginia to receive accreditation, and they have successfully been reaccredited in 2006, 2010, 2014, and now 2018.
Initial accreditation for the Wise County Sheriff's Office occurred in 2002, and made them the 13th overall law enforcement agency and the 5th Sheriff's Office in the Commonwealth of Virginia to have obtained state accreditation.
There are now 100 law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth that are state accredited. Accreditation promotes professionalism of law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All accredited agencies voluntarily participate in the accreditation process. Sheriff Ronnie Oakes and Assistant Sheriff, Colonel Grant Kilgore, hold all sheriff’s office employees to a high professional standard while serving the citizens and visitors of Wise County and the City of Norton.
The Virginia Law Enforcement Accreditation Coalition (VALEAC) is an organziation composed of law enforcement personnel directly or indirectly involved in Virginia law enforcement accreditation activites. Membership is by agency and can be applied for by contacting the VALEAC Treasurer. Agencies pursuing accredited status through the VLEPSC process are highly encouraged to participate in the VALEAC programs.

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