Wise County Press Release Looking Back Part Two

Wise County is looking back at 2018 and planning ahead for 2019 at the Wise County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. In addition to prosecuting cases in Court, in 2018 Slemp oversaw the expansion and implentation of several key initiatives.
Among them was the Senior Abuse Task Force that was started by Slemp in 2016, that hosted national experts to train local law enforcements officials on elder abuse cases involving financial exploitation of seniors and an innovative multidisciplinary team approach to handling these cases that was implemented in June.
In connection with the Wise County and City of Norton Public School Systems, Slemp’s Courts to Classrooms crime prevention effort continued to grow and impact the lives of area youth with various events throughout the year.
Additionally the Wise Works Program, an initiative started by Slemp in 2017 where low risk, low level offenders are sentenced to work public service jobs instead of being incarcerated, provided the community over 20,000 hours of service to localities, offered workforce development skills to 56 participants, and save County taxpayers over $375,000 in jail costs and labor savings in the past year.
As impressive as 2018 has been, they’re already looking ahead to 2019. Throughout our region, 2019 is an election year for local constitutional officers. Despite being focused on public safety efforts in court and the community, Slemp is planning an announcement in the next few months concerning his campaign for reelection.
Tune in tomorrow for Part Three of our Looking Back in Wise County news.

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