Wise County Press Release Looking Back Part One

Wise County is looking back at 2018 and planning ahead for 2019 at the Wise County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. In their latest Press Release, Commonwealth Attorney for Wise County and the City of Norton, C.H. Chuck Slemp III, entered into his final year of his first term. Slemp stated, “For the past three years we have partnered closely with Sheriff Ronnie Oakes and area law enforcement agencies to fight violent crime and drug dealers, we have sought justice for victims of crimes, we have worked to improve the efficiency of the criminal justice system, and we have taken significant steps to combat and punish the abuse of children and senior citizens. I am looking forward to continuing our efforts in the year ahead.”
2018 was a busy year at the Wise County Courthouse. Slemp and his team successfully prosecuted several high profile cases, including:
Matthew Wesley Tate age 32 of Wise, who was sentenced in April to 53 years with 10 years suspended for the 2014 murder of Big Stone Gap resident Kristina Padilla.
Jermaine Jackson age 33 of Wise, sentenced in October to 19 years with 12 years suspended for his vicious attack on a Wise County senior citizen.
Ricky Hamilton age 57 of Wise, sentenced in May to 30 years with 15 years suspended for the attack of two college students.
Christie Joe Russell age 40 of St. Paul, sentenced in May to 24 years with 17 years suspended for attempting to kill a police officer in Norton in 2017 among other crimes.
In addition to prosecuting cases in Court, in 2018 Slemp continued to oversee the expansion and implementation of several key initiatives. Among them was the Senior Abuse Task Force, Courts to Classrooms and the Wise Works Program. We’ll elaborate more on these tomorrow on TWIN WSWV and on www.wswv.net.

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