Wise County IDA facing lawsuit for failure to uphold animals activist’s will

Wise County, Virginia's Industrial Development Authority is facing a lawsuit over a large amount of money left to them in a local woman's will. Carol Buchanan left the county $1 million to be used for an animal shelter but in April, a foundation run by her family filed a complaint claiming her wishes have not been fulfilled five years after her death.

Buchanan passed away in 2011 and in her will she left $1 million and her 40-acre property to the IDA on the condition it be turned into an animal sanctuary. She wanted the sanctuary to offer spay and neuter surgeries and to be open certain hours during the week for public visitors.

On April 29, a lawsuit was filed against the IDA by The Columbus Phipps Foundation based in Dickenson County, the group the estate was willed to if the county IDA failed to create the sanctuary after two years.

According to the will, if the property is turned over to the foundation, the group is not obligated to use it as an animal sanctuary.

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