Wise County Father of Twins Only Facing Single Murder Charge

A Wise County father of twins that perished in 2016, has been sentenced to two years and four months in prison for child abuse charges while he waits for his trial on a murder charge. According to court documents, one count of homicide against the father Franklin Len Mullins has been dropped, because of a lack of clarity and disagreements between medical experts and witnesses in how the child, age five months perished. Mullins admitted that he was guilty of abusing one of the twins. Mullins has already been convicted of child abuse for not seeking medical care to the infant who died in May of 2016 because of E.coli.
Chuck Slemp III, of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office for Wise County, has revealed that a second degree murder case is still in effect for the death of the other twin, Ryan Mullins who died two months after the first twin’s death, from doctor described (non-accidental) head injury. Viola Mullins, the mother of the twins, is also facing charges related to the child’s death.


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