Wise County Deputies Save Overdosing Female

Wise County Dispatch received a call of a 20 year old female who was unconscious in the town of Wise. Deputies Dalton Cress and Jonathan Vipperman were nearby the location and responded. They located the female in a bedroom who appeared to be seizing with very shallow breaths. On the night stand was an empty bottle of medication. The female’s mother advised when she came into the room that her daughter also had a plastic bag over her head. The female was showing obvious signs of overdose so Deputy Cress administered 4mg of nasal Narcan (naloxone). Within one minute the female started to breathe better and came to. Rescue arrived on scene and transported her to the hospital for treatment. Wise County Sheriff’s Deputies have been carrying nasal Narcan for more than 2 years now.
The female survived the incident.


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