Wise County Accused of Mismanaging Grant Money

The Wise County Circuit Court is under fire this week after an audit by NASA's Office of Inspector General. Over 8 million dollars was awarded to Wise County in 2008 and 2014 for the County's DEVELOP program which focuses on environmental management and public policy. The audit indicates nearly half of this money was mismanaged, funding items unsupported on the agreement.  Wise County Financial Administrator David Cox says the report is inaccurate. Circuit Court Clerk Jack Kennedy explains a questionable $300 flower bill went to a deceased county official, a county board member, and a diligent supporter of the DEVELOP program who had just given birth.
The audit also claims more than $165,000 was rolled over from previous grants, which the OIG says is not allowed. But Jack Kennedy claims no directive was given on this matter.
Cox says proper documentation was provided for every payment, but auditors claim otherwise. He also says he wasn't contacted until after the audit was complete.
Kennedy went on to point out that the county's and NASA's financial systems have changed in that time period, so finding the proper documents will take time, but the county values the program and will comply with all suggested remedies.


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