Willie Mae Jane Berry Facing Seven Charges

Willie Mae Jane Berry, age forty of Pennington Gap,Va is now facing seven charges after authorities say she took cocaine into an Abington Hospital patient's room. Totalling three thousand dollars, the narcotics were brought into the room at Johnson City Memorial Hospital, and included crystal methamphetamine, numerous pills and pain killers according to Washington County, Virginia's Sheriff Fred Newman.
Nursing staff and the hospital's security staff at the medical facility were able to show investigators the residue of cocaine that was found on the sink inside the patient's room according to the report.
Currently Berry is being held without bond in the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail in Abington, facing charges consisting of six felonies and a misdemeanor including possession of cocaine, possession of hydrocodone and other medications. Berry is also charged with intent to distribute according to the police statement.
Possession of cocaine is a serious charge. In fact, the penalties for possession are generally much steeper than penalties for other drugs. If an individual attempts to commit a drug-related felony then the individual faces one to 10 years in prison or the penalty of the felony
Charges against the patient of the hospital room are still pending at this time.

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