West Morgan Avenue Sidewalk Project Update

During the last Pennington Gap Town Council Jeff Cochran representative of the Lane Group provided updates on the wastewater treatment plant (completed design). Cochran also commented on other water related projects including the West Morgan Avenue Sidewalk Project with Phases I, II and III to be submitted by VDOT in the next few months.

Treasurer, Tina Rowe stated that the town had begun their audit.

Brian Skidmore, Assistant Town Manager began his report by commenting that the town employees should be acknowledged for their efforts in general and especially in the past few weeks in having to deal with various severe cold weather difficulties. Skidmore also request approval from the council for the recent election results of the town fire department with Skidmore being reelected as Chief of the Fire Department. The Council approved and congratulated Skidmore for another term. The Fire Department had 133 calls last year with 1131.5 man hours for the year 2017. Of the 133 calls, 104 of them were out of town.

The Town Council then entered executive session to discuss various other matters Following their Closed Session, the Council then approved the paying of bills, and also set the Town observance for Independence Day this year on July 4th, 2018.

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