Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

More and more Virginia counties continue to declare themselves to be a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” in the wake of Governor Northam and other newly elected Democrats gun control threats. These Commonwealth counties, including our own Lee County, have taken the stance that they are opposing any efforts that could “unconstitutionally restrict” gun rights of Virginians.
Northam had already introduced a variety of gun controls after the May 31st, 2019 Virginia Beach shooting. However, none of these proposed gun control changes would have prevented, nor even hindered the shooting at Virginia Beach. Fortunately the gun control push has to date failed to pass because of Republican opposition, but with Democrats now in control it may change unless we are vigilant.
Recently all over Virginia, entire families, church groups, hunting groups and other supporters of the 2nd Amendment, have been out canvassing and urging citizens to get involved with protecting their freedoms. Some of those areas are Central Piedmont to the Appalachian Southwest, Botetourt, Charlotte, Campbell, Dinwiddie, Franklin, Henry, Pittsylvania, Giles, Lynchburg, and Lee County.
The National Rifle Association, along with the Virginia Citizens Defense League, are among those protesting the possible infringement of our Constitutional rights. Potentially a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” locality has to remember that these agencies receive state funding which could be a means of forcing their compliance.
Meanwhile some delegates, such as Republican John J. McGuire III, has proclaimed that, “I don’t know what part of ‘shall not infringe’ they don’t understand.” Republicans are now in the minority since Democrats have a 55 to 45 advantage in the House and a 21 to 19 majority in the Senate.
Local rural citizens are against the urban faction of our Commonwealth attempting to infringe on our rights. Raising children to respect and properly handle firearms, along with hunting for food is a big part of our rural community’s culture. Tony Easter stated simply, “We just want to live our life the way we have been raised.”


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