Virginia’s Health Commissioner Approves Hospital Merger

Health Care administrators are working hard to reopen the Lee County Hospital, but meanwhile some residents in need have had to travel farther to find medical care.
Florida based company Americore bought the hospital last year. Those involved stated the deal is still moving forward. Lee Health and Rehab Nursing Director, Ashley Jones stated the Rehab center is hopeful for the return of critical care here in Lee County as the 110 bed capacity of the Lee Health and Rehab Center reminds them of the urgent need for a local hospital.
Currently those in need have needed to travel to Big Stone, Harlan or Middlesboro and that means increased transportation costs for patients needing ambulance transportation. Something that has been on the local residents’ minds since the closure of our community hospital in 2013.
Recent approval by Virginia's Health Commissioner of a merger between Wellmont Health System and Mountain States Health Alliance would require that system to ensure essential services in Lee County if for some reason Americore doesn't get a hospital opened by the end of 2018.
Delegate Terry Kilgore said "The Health Commissioner in her documents put a lot of protections in there for the employees, so that we don't have to go thru another layoff or closure."

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