Virginian Conservators of the Peace Policy

Just weeks after Lee County's School Board voted unanimously to select some teachers to be labeled "conservators of the peace" Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam recently stated that he is against public schools in Lee County allowing teachers to carry firearms on school property. Adding that local school districts should not be arming their educators, further stating that “As a professor of neurology at Eastern Virginia Medical School — and, as I said, my wife is a teacher and I talk to a lot of other educators across the commonwealth of Virginia. I just don’t think it’s a good path to take, to say that we’re going to arm teachers; that’s my opinion.”
The policy would give select teachers authoritative jurisdiction in a specific area according to Brian Austin the Superintendent of Schools. In Virginia, Special Conservators of the Peace have all the powers of a peace officer or law enforcement and are authorized to perform arrests, carry firearms as part of their duties, direct traffic, use a police logo on their uniform and utilize police style lights on their vehicles.
Officials are still anticipating Attorney Mark Herring's official opinion on the subject. Herring has already voiced that laws in Virginia have few exceptions to existing laws that prohibit guns on school property.
Northam also defended his decision to pull four Virginia National Guard troops, along with a helicopter from the Mexican border in response to the policy of separating children from illegals crossing the borders. Adding that the troops and equipment would be sent back once the children are reunited with their parents.

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