Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Criminal Justice Conference

Three of Southwest Virginia’s Commonwealth Attorneys, have been chosen to serve on the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA) Criminal Justice Conference. The elite membership group is by invitation, and the VTLA works towards maintaining a balance between prosecutors and defense attorneys, with diversity in gender, ethnic backgrounds, and geographic coverage. The VTLA also factors in consideration of urban and rural communities of the Commonwealth. The VTLA doesn’t represent any specific constituency, group or political view.
The newest members are Gerald Arrington of Buchanan County, H. Fuller Cridlin of Lee County, and Chuck Slemp of Wise County/City of Norton Commonwealth Attorney General in a joint Press Release announced the selections. Slemp himself, having been selected in 2016, and additionally serves on the Statewide Steering Committee, as well as being co-chair on a committee that studies Elder Abuse in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Citing his happiness with the newest selections, Slemp stated, “This is a great day for Southwest Virginia. I am so excited to be able to work alongside my colleagues Gerald and Fuller as part of this important group. Oftentimes, we feel like our region is often overlooked in Richmond. However, I remain confident that with three prosecutors from our region taking an active role in this policy group, Southwest Virginia will have a strong and united voice as leaders from across Virginia meet to consider criminal justice reform proposals.”
The Virginia Criminal Justice Conference seeks to improve criminal justice in Virginia by assembling selected legal professionals and stakeholders in the field of criminal law to study and discuss issues of interest, to gather information, and, when substantial consensus can be reached, to propose legislation or rule changes to effect reform of criminal law and criminal procedure. 
The Conference convenes prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, jurists from each level of Virginia courts, legal scholars, counsel to the House and Senate court committees of the Virginia General Assembly, the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia, legislators, and others with special expertise and experience in criminal law and procedure.
The Conference strives to maintain a balance between prosecutors and defense attorneys and diversity in gender, ethnic background and geographic coverage, taking into consideration urban and rural areas of the Commonwealth.  The Conference does not represent any particular group, constituency or political view.


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