Virginia Law Enforcement Sheriffs

Virginia Law Enforcement Sheriffs or VLES respond to dangerous calls around the clock, and often alone. Calls may involve dangerous felons with firearms, domestic disputes, and dangerous crimes in progress and yet, in spite of this, the starting salary for Deputy Sheriffs is below the livable wage of $31,629.
The object of the VLES is to persuade the General Assembly to provide a 10% salary regrade for all Law Enforcement Deputies and to require localities to provide a 20% salary supplement. In 86 of the 123 sheriff’s offices located in Virginia provide primary law enforcement in their communities. Towards this goal VLES has retained the services of Steve Baril, John “Lynwood” Butner, and Dylan Bishop of KVCF Government Relations Consulting.
Sheriff Richard A. Vaughan stated that the turnover rate for deputy sheriffs is at an all time high of 21%. Virginia State Police and Municipal Police Departments are recruiting law enforcement deputies with starting salaries of $44,000 a year. This exodus of well-trained deputies puts a financial hardship on localities to hire and train new deputy sheriffs. Adding that, “It is a disgrace that our hardworking deputy sheriffs place their lives on the line daily and still qualify for public assistance and food stamps.”

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