Virginia Is Producing the 14th Most Solar Energy in the U.S.

In the first few months of his administration, one of President Joe Biden’s top policy priorities has been addressing the threat of climate change.  Biden has stated a goal of reaching 100% pollution-free electricity by 2035, which means dramatically scaling up renewable energy production in the U.S. To that end,

One of the potential beneficiaries of this focus is the solar power industry, which is seeing rapid growth as the costs associated with solar decline. For many years, solar power was too expensive to be adopted at scale as a major source of energy production, but this has changed in recent years. One of the biggest reasons for the decline in costs has been technological innovation. Solar technology has become more reliable and more efficient over time, which lowers the cost of generating energy. As those costs decrease, adoption becomes more common, which allows solar cell manufacturers to achieve economies of scale and lower prices even further.

Government support has also been a major factor, along with many states and localities, has long offered tax breaks and other incentives to subsidize household solar adoption.

Solar is still a relatively small part of the U.S.’s overall energy mix but will become an increasingly significant source as solar production continues to accelerate. Despite its small but growing role in overall U.S. energy production, solar is a major part of the energy mix in a number of states. The undisputed leader of these states is California, which leads all others both by total solar energy production and the share of electricity derived from solar.

To find the states where solar production is highest, researchers at used data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Electricity Power Data. States were ranked by annual solar production for electric power (in megawatthours) for 2019.

The analysis found that in 2019, Virginia generated 949,111 megawatthours of energy from solar. Out of all states, Virginia is producing the 14th most solar energy. There are many programs available and, although where we live sometimes causes a problem in getting quotes, there are companies available if you want to try to use this more green energy.

For more information, a detailed methodology, and complete results, you can find the original report on’s website:

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