Virginia Inspection Stickers Moving

Beginning in January 2018, the Virginia state inspection stickers will move from the bottom center of your vehicle’s windshield but will instead be placed in the bottom left corner of the windshield. This necessary move is because of recent innovations in the automotive industry. This will include movement of all other authorized vehicular stickers, but will not involve any changes to the appearance or size of the vehicle inspection stickers.

The automotive innovations that necessitate the move are that automotive manufacturers now offer crash avoidance technologies in numerous vehicles. This new technology requires using the center of the vehicle’s windshield. Items in that area including stickers could possibly prevent the installed crash avoidance systems from operating correctly.

The Virginia Safety Inspection Program’s core mission is to promote safety on the highway, and certainly the new crash avoidance technology created by innovative automotive manufacturers is considered to be another tool that can contribute to ensuring increasingly safer roadways according to the Virginia State Police Safety Division.
Existing Virginia Inspection stickers will remain in their current position for now, and once a vehicle is inspected and issued a 2019 sticker it must be placed in the new location site in the lower left of the front windshield which is consistent with other states.
The Virginia State Police Safety Division began notifying all certified Virginia Vehicle inspector stations of the upcoming placement change to take effect at the start of the year.

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