Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Warns Local Farmers

Local farmers should be aware that the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or VDACS, recently confirmed that the Haemaphysalis longicornis tick, commonly known as the East Asian or Longhorned Tick has indeed been found on a calf in the Commonwealth.
Officials have stated that the National Veterinary Services Labratory in Ames, Iowa confirmed the finding. The tick had appeared on an orphaned calf on a farm in Albermarle County. In late 2017 the same species of tick had been found in New Jersey. There are no direct links between the farm in Virginia and the New Jersey location where the ticks had been found on a sheep farm.
Currently there are multiple agencies working to determine the significance and intent of these findings. They would like to encourage all livestock producers to notify VDACS if they find any unusual ticks not commonly seen before or if they encounter large amounts on a single animal.
Officials are striving the importance of local livestock producers working with their herd vets to develop a tick control and prevention plan. Interested livestock producers may also contact VDACS's Office of Veterinary Services by phone at 804-786-2483

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