Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services 2017 Report

According to the annual report released by Adult Protective Services, that monitor the financial exploitation of our older senior citizens. In 2017 the number has risen an estimated 20% for Virginians aged sixty or older, or incapacitated aged 18 to 59, that are abused, neglected or exploited.

In 2017, the local departments of Social Services received 27,105 reports of instances of exploitation or abuse, and of those 55% were verified by investigation. Having the biggest increase amongst the categories of abuse, neglect or exploitation, was financial exploitation with 11% having been substantiated after investigations. The report also stated that the total amount of allegations had jumped 15% from the previous year with 12% having been substantiated.

Director of the Adult Protective Services Division at the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Paige McCleary, stated that she expected the incidences of financially exploited Virginians to continue to rise due in part, to a recent law requiring all reports of financial exploitation receive by the state APS hotline or local branches of Social Services to be reported immediately to law enforcement.

The Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, collaborates with local partners to provide and advocate for resources and services that improved the employment, quality of life, security and independence of older Virginians, Virginians with disabilities and their families. The complete report can be found by clicking You may also contact the APS free at their hotline number 1-888-832-3858


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