Virginia Among The Lowest Gas Prices According to National Average

According to AAA today's National Average for Regular gasoline is $2.884 with the average in Virginia at $2.628 cents, with rising gas prices expected as the demand remains strong.
Last week the Average was $2.601 which which just slightly lower than the Average of a month ago that was $2.694, which was up from last year's Average of $2.029. With the highest recorded Average price for regular gasoline an impressive $4.010 back in mid July of 2008.
Nationwide prices at the pump in almost thirty states have seen a jump in prices of almost eight cents, with a dozen states seeing their prices drop, with yet another dozen state's gas prices holding fairly stable despite rising crude prices.
According to AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselano, "Today motorists are seeing gas for &2.76 or more at 56% of gas stations across the country."
The nation's largest price changes are found in Delaware, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky and Oklahoma with increased from eight cents to three cents per gallon for regular gasoline.
Among the nation's cheapest gasoline prices are South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas and Virginia.
The United States oil rig count increased by five last week, according to Baker Hughes, Incorporated, which brought the total number of rigs to 863 which mean there are 100 more rigs at this time compared to last year. Friday's formal trading session closed with an $.86 increase to finalize at $73.80 according to NYMEX, WTI.

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