VHSL clarifies High School Fall Sports

In a statement, Executive Director of the VHSL, Dr. Haun, wanted to clarify that before any high school sports teams can begin practice, a plan of action must be submitted and approved by the Virginia Department of Education. He wanted to remind everyone that the VHSL is not a part of the approval process. Any plan for any school activity, including sports, must follow CDC Guidlines which are in place to protect, not only students, but facilty and staff. These policies are widespread and include how to impliment daily health screenings, sanitation and more. Many school systems are actively working on their plan with a few having already submitted to the department of education. Everyone is hoping the state can move into Phase 3 which could allow for larger groups to gather allowing for traditional practices. This is speculation however as the Governor Northam has not released the full details of what Phase 3 would look like.

Our local school board unanimously voted in favor of a resolution that would allow our school system, along with others, the flexibility in the decision to reopen schools in the fall. This resolution states that due to the low number of Covid-19 cases in rural areas and other factors, districts such as Lee County, should be able to reopen with appropriate safeguards in place. The resolution was capped off with a request to Governor Northam to allow the schools to reopen in a safe, healthy manner with help from local health departments.

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