VATI Grant Program to Benefit Lee County

Locally in the news, the LENOWISCO Planning District Commission Executive Director Duane Miller, has recently announced a grant awarded that will allow for the start of the agency’s Regional Broadband Expansion Program. This expansion will benefit the Lee County communities of Fleenortown, Ocoonita and Right Hand Poor Valley. The state Department of Housing and Community Development handles the VATI Grant Program.
This state grant in the amount of $790,464 dollars is just a portion of the $18.3 million package consisting of twelve grants through the Virginia Telecommunication Initiative that matches public and private funds to connect the 36,000 last mile households, businesses and community buildings to broadband service without a service provider.
Fiber optic cable installation will be handled by Scott County Telephone in phase one of the project. Contract negotiations for the work will begin before the end of this month. This project is important in that it allows broadband access to all citizens in order to allow them to have access to internet as well as services like telemedicine.


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