VA Lawmaker Pushing Bill Allowing Clerks to Deny Marriage Liscences to Gay Couples

Virginia Republican Sen. Charles Carrico is pushing legislation aimed at protecting local elected officials who object to certain marriages on moral or religious grounds. He says many of his constituents are concerned about what happened to Kentucky Court Clerk Kim Davis and have asked him to help Virginia officials who are put in the same position.

Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe has already vowed to veto the bill if it passes the GOP-controlled General Assembly. A spokeswoman for McAuliffe said in a written statement that “Gov. McAuliffe believes legislation like this would send the wrong message to people around the globe about the climate Virginia offers businesses and families who may want to locate here.”

Lee County clerk Rene Lamey told  WAVY that if Carrico wanted to introduce such a bill, he should have done it sooner. She says Lee County has been handing out same-sex marriage licenses for some time, so “it’s kind of a moot point at this stage in the game.” Lamey declined to say whether she objects to same-sex marriages on religious or moral grounds.


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