Va House of Delegate Passes New Gun Laws

Locally in the news, even after thousands of 2nd Amendment Supporters turned out at the capital, the Virginia House of Delegates still managed to pass seven new gun laws last week.
Among the new laws, is the inclusion of universal background checks, the controversial red flag law, allowing localities to regulate guns, a mandate for reporting lost or stolen guns, a limit of one handgun per month, prohibiting children’s access to firearms and disarming domestic abusers.
While new commonsense laws are acceptable on both sides of the 2nd Amendment stance, some laws, such as the “red flag law” is worrisome because it’s a violation of citizen’s rights. The “red flag law” would allow officials to take guns away from anyone they deem to be dangerous to themselves or others. There are still two weeks left for the Bills to either pass the Senate or House.
Commonwealth Attorney for Wise County, Chuck Slemp finds the bills to be disturbing. Slemp stated, “My concerns are that these bills will do nothing to keep our community safe, but instead create additional burdens on law enforcement, prosecutors and the community in general that we’re just not ready for.”


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