UVA at Wise Receives Funding for Participating in Drowning in Dust- The Burden of Black Lung Disease

Funding for the oral history and photography of a project entitled "Drowning in Dust: The Burden of Black Lung Disease in Central Appalachia" has been provided from the University of Kentucky's Central Appalachian Regional Education and Research Center that works in addition to the ongoing support work of the Healthy Appalachia Institute and will pursue factors associated with reported dramatic increase in black lung cases.
Among the participants is the University of Virginia's College at Wise, that has received funding in the black lung oral history project. Black Lung is prolonged exposure to coal dust that is experienced by coal miners and the challenges associated with early detection, prevention, benefits applications and the long term impact on families and communities and represents the potential for effective change while giving a voice to the coal miners, their families and associated supportive systems.

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