USDA National Forests Rates Increase

The USDA Forest Service plans to raise fees at numerous recreation sites this year, and two of these are in Wise and Scott Counties. This rate increase is intended to help the sites become more financially sustainable. Nineteen campgrounds and day-use areas are affected. Currently the projected cost increases for 2019 are $2 or $4 each, with additional increases to go into effect in the next year or two.
While most recreation areas are free, the National Forest hasn’t raised their rates in the last twenty years. They expect these fees will help to maintain and improve the sites, and can be used with grants and other monies for construction and maintenance, operation, education and to provide security and patrols at the areas.
In Scott County, the single site fee will go from $12 to $16, with double sites going to $32. In 2020, the hookup rate of $5 will go to $18 for a single site and $36 for a double. The following year the single site fee will increase to $20, with the double going to $40.
In the High Knob Day Use Area of Wise County, the per vehicle charge of $3 will increase to $5 this year for up to eight passengers. An additional fee of $1 per individual will be charged for buses and large vans with more than eight passengers and for walk ins.
For additional information on specific camping and day use sites regarding rate increases and season opening dates for 2019, visit our website at for a handy link to the USDA National Forests website.

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