USDA Grant to Expand Broadband

A United States Department of Agriculture grant will help to expand  internet services into both Buchanan and Scott counties, according to reports recently issued by Virginia senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.
Each county will receive $3 million from the USDA Community Connect Grant Program to launch Ethernet fibers projects that the senators said will bring quality of life improvements for residents while also boosting economic development and health care services in the respective localities.
Scott County Telephone Cooperative has already earmarked a portion of the funding to link 603 households in the Big Ridge community of Dickenson County, the report said. Buchanan County's share of the grant millions will be used by iGo Technology, Inc., for a project to bring online services to 676 establishments in the grant area.
Federal lawmakers are currently considering an additional $40 billion plan that would expand broadband internet in other rural parts of the United States.
Broadband (commonly referred to as high-speed Internet access) availablility to everyone promises to make life more livable, businesses more productive, jobs more plentiful, and the Internet more accessible.

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