U.S Marshal Service forms Missing Child Unit

Lee, Scott and Wise County Sheriff’s Offices are only a few of the agencies that are now a member of the U.S. Marshal’s Service Missing Child Unit. This new task force is partnering with federal, state and our local agencies to protect and recover missing children in our region. This task force is not only committed to finding and return children to safely but also resolve issues for runaways, giving them the chance to be healthy as well as happy members of our area.
With more and more children have a presence and spending many hours online, this is a critical time to have a task force like this working to keep them safe. Statistics show a large increase in tips concerning child related internet crimes last year, a trend where forming a local taskforce like the Missing Child Unit will help make our children more safe from predators. This taskforce is committed to using every resource available to ensure every missing child case is addressed quickly and efficiently.
With over 20 agencies from local police, social service agencies and the FBI, there are many resources not only in personnel but sharing information as well as counseling and debriefing after a case has concluded. The partnerships this task force creates will be invaluable to bringing more children to safely and uniting families in our community.

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