U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistic Services

As part of the final phase of the 2018 Agricultural Resource Management Survey or ARMS, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services announced to area farmers and ranchers that the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistic Services or NASS is expected to start collecting information concerning farm economics and production practices from Commonwealth farmers and ranchers.
NASS will send out surveys beginning this month and ending in March 2019 to over 30,000 producers nationwide, with 750 of them being distributed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Beginning next month, in February NASS farmers and ranchers who haven’t completed the questionnaires, can expect to be contacted by interviewers for NASS offering help with any questions they might have.
As the only survey that measures the financial well-being of Virginian producers and their households as a whole, the survey needs producers to provide detailed information regarding their operating revenues, production costs, and other household characteristics.
The survey for 2018 offers versions that focus on soybean, cattle and calf sector costs and returns. With the reason being in order to better reach knowledgeable decisions on both local and federal programs and policies as they affect Virginia’s farms and farm families. The annual Farm Production Expenditures report will contain this expense data gathered.
Reports with ARMS data is available at www.ers.usda.gov/arms. Additionally you may contact Herman Ellison in the Richmond, Virginia office by phone at 804-771-8560.

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