Two Red Onion State Prison Correction Officers Wounded

A Corrections Officer in Pound, Virginia was stabbed multiple times by a Red Onion State Prison inmate in Wise County on Sunday. Another Corrections Officer was injured while trying to subdue the attacking prisoner according to the Virginia Department of Corrections.
According to the Department of Corrections the incident occurred very early Sunday morning when the 31 year old inmate inflicted numerous puncture wound to the upper body of one Officer with a self fashioned weapon. Thankfully none of the injuries were life threatening.
Responding to a phone call logged at 6:49 that morning were two Pound Rescue Squad units. Upon arrival and subsequent examination of the Officers, one was found to have suffered eight superficial puncture wounds, one to the center of the forehead, and four additional wounds around the Officer's left ear, with the last stab wound located on the Officer's upper back. Additionally responders stated that the other Officer had sustained an injury to the right knee while chasing the fleeing inmate.
At this time the Department of Corrections hasn't released the identities of the Officers nor the inmate who is currently serving 65 years for five counts of Robbery, and seven counts of Using a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony.

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