Town of Pennington Meeting

The town of Pennington Gap held their monthly meeting on Monday, April 20 at 6:00 pm

During the meeting, the council approved to declare the month of April as Autism Awareness month.

The council also approved to have the police department to proceed with purchasing 15 cameras to be placed in town for the safety of the town citizens.

The Greenway Trail is still in process but had some set backs. The TVA is requiring a repermit for 26A permit since the old permit does not match the previous plans.  The resubmit of the permit can take up to 180 days  for reapproval.

The ATV Trail is currently shut down due to complacations with DCR.  Phil Hensley and Lane Group is working with a representative with DCR on the issues that DCR requires. Phil stated that the trail is going in but is still trying to figure out who is reimbursement back.

RV Park is in the process of working on the layout and getting in the water and sewer lines.  The RV park will outside of Leeman Field.

Miniature Golf is also in the works. This will be a 18 hole course, and possibility of being inside of Leeman Field.  The Council is continuing to work on designs for the course and will have the Federal Prison to help with the labor.


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