Town of Pennington Gap Payment Options

Locally in the news, the town of Pennington Gap has begun operating some of their services remotely. They will continue to offer a variety of payment options to those who would ordinarily pay in person at the office. In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 you may now mail your payments by check or money order to:

Town of Pennington
528 Industrial Drive
Pennington Gap, Va 24277
Use the curbside drop box located at the front corner of the office. Please include your bill stub in the envelope along with your payment or write your name and the amount on the envelope.
Pay your bill using cash at Lee Bank & Trust.
You may also pay by credit or debit card at no additional cost by phoning 276-546-1177 and select payments.
You may also submit payments online at and select payments. Please note there is a $3.75 charge from a third party service, but this option allows you to pay after business hours.
You may also choose to have your bill paid from your bank account automatically each month. You will need to phone the office to set this feature up. You will still receive a statement notifying you of the amount that will automatically be withdrawn from your account, usually around the tenth of each month.
Your last option is to have your bill delivered by email rather than a paper bill. In order to utilized this feature you must submit your current email address, and your bill will arrive as soon as it is processed without the additional 3-5 delay of a paper bill.
For all additional inquiries please contact the Town of Pennington office at 276-546-1177.

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