Town of Pennington Gap Distributes Restaurant Gift Cards

This year, the Town of Pennington gave surprise presents to town residents, in the form or gift cards from local restaurants that were mailed out last week.
The Town of Pennington Gap’s Restaurant Support Program was financed through the CARES Act funding. The gift card voucher was presented alongside a message of appreciation to both serve and be a part of the community.
According to Keith Harless, Town Manager who stated, “Relationship building is a fundamental principle that we can all participate in during this crisis, which has impacted all of us. If you want to give it to your neighbor or someone who is in need then that is perfectly acceptable.”
Harless went on to add that $30 worth of gift cards/vouchers had been included in each envelope that were randomly selected from participating restaurants in the Pennington Gap area. Each $10 gift card can be redeemed at the corresponding restaurant.
These gift cards can be swapped or given to another, but none are redeemable for cash and are intended for one time usage with no change given if the full amount is not spent.
Harless also said that the Town of Pennington Gap is promoting the Restaurant Support Program, and that they are encouraging the local restaurants to also market their various options available, such as carry out and or delivery, or special pricing that might be associated with the program.
For more financial resources, news, and updates on how the coronavirus is affecting restaurants, visit the National Restaurant Association’s website by clicking this convenient link

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