Tomorrow Last Day to Donate Your Nuts & Acorns to V.D.O.F.

The Virginia Department of Forestry is still seeking 13 species of nuts and acorns to be planted at it's Augusta Forestry Center and allowed to grow into tree seedlings to create forests for the future. They are hoping to collect Black Oak, Black Walnut, Live Oak, Northern Red Oak, Pin Oak, Chinese Chestnut, Chestnut Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Southern Red Oak, Swamp Chestnut Oak, White Oak and Willow Oak.
Virginians interested in contributing their excess nuts or acorns are encouraged to do so by collecting as many as possible in yards, parking lots etc. While collecting in a breathable sack, no plastic bags please, try to sort them into different sacks according to type and with the least amount of debris such as sticks, gravel and leaves as possible.
Please label each separate sack with the species (type) and date of collection. Once you begin to collect nuts and acorns please store them in a cool area until you are able to drop them off at the VDOF office no later than this Friday October 13th.

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