Thousands Donated to Greenway Cleanup

Town Manager Keith Harless attended the Executive Board meeting last week for the Virginia Council for Litter Prevention and Recycling in Harrisonburg, Va. Annually the Town of Pennington gets a non-competitive grant of $1,500 from the VCA. During the meeting Mr. Harless related the upcoming river clean up scheduled for April 21st, and was then given extra supplies to help clean the trash.
Included in the supplies were 400 coloring books, 800 reusable grocery bags, 144 orange utongs, 10 paper picker pins and 109 class 3 safety vests, along with approximately $4,000 worth of cleaning supplies. The Board's generosity led to Mr Harless stating, "they would have given me more but, my car could not haul anymore."
Everyone is reminded that the Greenway Cleaning event will take place on April 21st.

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