Thirsty Woman Arrested on Multiple Charges

Just over the state line in Church Hill, Tennessee police arrested a woman after she returned to the gas station to get a refill on her fountain drink that she had just stolen a wallet from.
The Ken-Jo market located on Silver Lake Road contacted the police department regarding a stolen wallet from a male customer who had placed it on the counter during his transaction and forgot to pick it back up before leaving. The man returned to the store roughly half an hour later when he noticed he didn't have his wallet only to find out that someone had stolen it.
Police responded and watched the store video which showed his wallet being taken by a female customer about thirty seconds after he walked away. The video went on to show the woman that was identified as Elizabeth Blizzard, pick up the wallet, open it and then put it in her pants before finalizing her transaction and exiting the store.
The police report showed the officer was notified that the female had returned to the store and when he arrived and spoke with her said she still had possession of the wallet and that it was in her car. Blizzard then led the officer to her vehicle and retrieved the wallet from under the front seat and was then arrested for theft.
While being transported to jail Blizzard stated she had used a credit card from the stolen wallet to put gas in her vehicle as well as a few more places but was unable to recall exactly what additional purchases or places were that she utilized the victim's stolen credit card.
Blizzard was charged with theft under $1000, Fraudelent Use of a Credit/Debit Card, Possession of Schedule 2 drugs, and Possession of Drug Paraphenalia.

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