The Wall vs In Memory For Our Vietnam Veterans

Veterans that survived the Vietnam War and then later died as a result of their service are not eligible to have their names added to "The Wall" in Washington, D.C. that is designated for Vietnam Veterans under Department of Defense guidelines, but they are eligible for the "In Memory" program.
Coming from a family of 14, Roger Rutherford, the father of a local Wise County woman was drafted into the United States Army in 1969 at the age of 19 and was stationed in Vietnam. While there he was wounded by shrapnel that exploded and lodged itself in his body, injuring both legs.
Roger Rutherford was lucky enough to make it home to southwest Virginia, where he became a lawyer and a dedicated advocate for helping his fellow veterans. For the rest of his life he carried the wounds of war with him.
Rutherford died last year and is now buried at the Mountain Home National Cemetery in Johnson City. Recently his name was added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund "In Memory" Honor Roll which was designed to recognize those Vietnam Veterans that returned from that war and later died as a result of their service to our country.
Veterans who served during the Vietnam War understand the sacrifices of those that were sent to Vietnam, and they're extremely thankful to be recognized for their service as most were not welcomed home at the time as returning soldiers in other conflicts. Since it began in the 1990's the program has honored more than 3,200 veterans.
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