Tanya Hammonds, Calvin Allen and Robert Sams Jr. Jailed on Drug Charges

Scott County Vice Investigators conducted an undercover drug operation in which a black male, who has been identified as a major distributor of methamphetamine from Atlanta, Georgia to Tennessee and Virginia would be occupying a white Toyota Camry. Further that he was going to deliver twenty-eight grams of Methamphetamine from Atlanta, Georgia to a convenience store parking lot situated off Highway 23 in south Weber City, Virginia.
Vice Investigators, along with uniformed deputies and the K9 Unit who performed a 'still watch' on the area and observed the white Camry, occupied by three individuals, pull up and make an exchange with a second subject.
Once the exchange was made, the Camry left the area traveling on Stateline Circle. A traffic stop on the Camry was then initiated and all three occupants were detained. K9 Officer Apache was deployed and he indicated that there were drugs contained in the Camry.
A search of the Camry was undertaken by deputies who located numerous syringes, scales, and approximately five grams of meth. They also located the money which was exchanged for the twenty-eight grams of Methamphetamine.
The occupants were identified as Tanya Hammonds, Calvin Allen and Robert Sams Jr. All three are charged with the offense of Selling/Giving/Distributing Over Ten Grams of Meth, and are currently housed in the Duffield Regional Jail. Additional charges are pending on Hammonds.
The original twenty-eight grams of Methamphetamine that was sold by Hammonds, Allen and Same was recovered from the undercover informant by Vice Investigators and has since been placed in Evidence.


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