SWVA Workforce Development Board Meeting

The Board (through its contractor Clinch Valley Community Action) served 208 adults for the year for such services as GED classes and workforce credentialing. Upon completion of the program(s) 42% were employed and 73% obtained a credential. The 42% figure should rise as more folks will gain employment within 6 months of completion of the program. 18 of these 208 adults are from Lee County.

The Board (also through CVCA) served 167 dislocated workers. 51% of these were employed at exit and 84% obtained a credential. Our contract with the state was for 147 dislocated workers so resources were stretched as we served the larger than expected population. 58 of the 167 were from Wise County, as they were really hit hard this year with layoffs. 7 were from Lee County.

The Board (through its contractor, People, Inc.) served 33 youths in Scott and Lee Counties. There are several criteria which make youth eligible for the program such as low income, low educational attainment and barriers to employment (such as foster care, juvenile offenses, pregnancy, etc.). The Youth program is fantastic. Several regional businesses have youth interns working for them right now (or had them during the summer) through this program including Pennington Pharmacy, Lee Health and Rehab, Lee County Rescue Squad and the Town of Pennington Gap. We thank these employers for their participation. These young people learn valuable work skills and have good role models available.

Of all the Workforce Boards in the state, our Board ranked #1 in the following categories: Adult Employment Retention Rate (95.2%), Adult Average Six Months Earnings ($15,722), Adult Employment and Credential Rate (80.2%), Dislocated Worker Employment and Credential Rate (82.5%), Youth Literacy Gains (84.0%) and Career Readiness Certificate Attainment (76.3%). That is 6 out of the 12 measured categories.

The Board members representing Lee County are Tim Long and Michael James. There is room for up to 2 more members from Lee County. If you have interest in joining the Workforce Development Board, please contact the IDA office at 276-346-7766 and we will get you in touch with the right people. The Board meets quarterly at its office in Lebanon.

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