Superintendent of Lee County School Present at Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Superintendent of Lee County Schools, Dr. Brian Austin was present at the last Lee County Board of Supervisors meeting, and was able to inform the Board of several updates, such as the approved loan bidding process of $300,000 at a rate of 2.249% from Farmer’s & Miner’s Bank, with the monies to be used for repair and replacement of the Dryden Elementary School building roof, to which the Board approved.
Superintendent Austin went on to present information on some of the received surveys from area families and school staff regarding internet access with many areas in the county either underserved or completely without access. District 5 Chairman Leonard offered that internet coverage maps are often misleading, with the actual service coverage less than represented generally.
No viable remedies or suggestions were offered or discussed regarding the lack of internet service, and the Board moved on to other topics.

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