Spearhead Trails & Pennington Gap, VA offers a Stone Mountain Guided Night Ride 

On November 5, 2016, Spearhead Trails, Virginia’s hottest and most exhilarating outdoor adventure, is partnering with the Town of Pennington Gap to offer riders a one-time only opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of riding Stone Mountain in the dark.  

 “This is for one-time only, and only on Stone Mountain, no other Spearhead System will ever offer a night ride” said Charlotte Mullins, Interim Executive Director.  “This is a guided ride and all riders must have a valid annual permit or day pass.  The day pass or annual permit can be purchased at one of the Spearhead permit retailers or you may purchase the annual permit online at SpearheadTrails.com.  All riders must wear a helmet and comply with all trail regulations.  Again, this is a guided night ride.  

  “This is the first time we have ever offered a guided night ride on any of the Spearhead Trails systems.” notes Mullins “We hope our riders enjoy this special one-time only opportunity”. This provides a great chance to check out our Stone Mountain trail system, and the weather, scenery, and fall colors are perfect for an outdoor adventure.”    Spearhead Trails annual permits have always provided an advantage over other trails systems because their passes are “true annual passes” meaning that they expire one year from purchase compared to other OHV system passes that run from January to December.   If you have ever thought about buying a pass, this will be the time to do it. For more information on the Spearhead Stone Mountain Night Ride, you can visit Spearhead Trail’s Facebook page or call 276-220-9875.  


The mission of the Southwest Regional Recreation Authority (SRRA) is to develop and manage multi-use trails in the Southwest Regional Recreation Area to stimulate, enhance, and sustain economic development and job creation through entrepreneurial opportunities in Southwest Virginia. 

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