SoVa Gardens Presents Plans during Town Council Meeting

During the Town of Pennington Gap Town Council meeting on Monday, Orville Overton of Appa Valley, LLC spoke of the plans to open SoVa Gardens in the town.  SoVa Gardens will be a new garden center with plans to open by July 1st.  They will offer organic inputs for the production of herbs, vegetables and flowers.  One of their main goals is to assist local farmers in the production of hemp products to be grown in our area.  Overton, a Lee County native, said he was looking forward to returning to our area, where the job market has suffered due to the decline in tobacco farming and coal jobs lost.  He feels the new opportunity to grow hemp products utilizing what once was farm land to grow tobacco could have a positive impact on our economy and supply jobs.  SoVa Gardens will have the capability to offer support and “inputs” for local hemp growers along with support for other horticulture products. 

There was also discussion on the project to have a sidewalk from downtown to Leeman Field concerning the engineering and grant funding from VDOT that will soon be available needed to complete the project.  Assistant Town Manager, Brian Skidmore reported the work at Leeman Field for its full reopening was going well and will be completed soon.  There was also discussion by Town Manager, Keith Harless on the plans to decorate downtown with hanging baskets and banners utilizing 2020 grant funds as well as plans for the Independence Celebration slated for July 3rd.

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