Southwest Regional Recreation Authority Spearhead Trails 2021

Spearhead Trails wants to help local residents in the seven county region that they serve by offering 2021 Resident Motorized Trails Discounts to all residents of Norton, Tazewell, Buchanan, Wise, Dickenson, Russell, Scott and Lee counties. This is in effect whether their county met the minimum contribution requirements of their operating funds. This 50% discount of annual passes for motorized trails went into effect on December 19, 2020 at their office and online at
Republican Delegate Will Wampler said, “With this decision, Spearhead Trails is setting the standard for what we should all be focused on during this pandemic, finding ways to support each other and maintaining our sense of community, despite the challenges that we all face. I hope southwest Virginians are able to take advantage of this kindness and this great opportunity Right here in our own backyard.”
Additionally they are offering Sportsman’s Complex Passes for the use of their Archery and Shooting Ranges that will open at various times between January and Spring of 2021. These passes help to support their operations and events. Furthermore, Spearhead Trails will offer any full-time resident police officers in the region a 25% discount to the Sportsman Passes. This discount offer is open to any full time officers residing in one of the seven Virginia Coalfield Counties.
Non-motorized trails, designed for equestrian, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking remain the same, with no fixed prices for hikers and kayakers but instead donations are accepted.

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