Shooting; Deliberate or Accidental?

Still not a lot of information concerning a shooting according to the Wise County Sheriff's Office that occurred Saturday near St. Paul. Wise County Sheriff Ronnie Oakes, stated that his investigators relayed to him that three men were working on a house in the area of Dominion Energy's Virginia City power plant on Russell Creek Road, when one of them started "handling a gun", the gun fired and the gunshot victim was transported to Bristol Regional Medical Center for emergency treatment.
Sheriff Oakes stated that the two men involved in the incident were either current brothers-in-law or former brothers-in-law.  Further adding that investigators are still trying to determine whether they were just "horsing around" and the shooting was accidental or if it was indeed a deliberate shooting.
Sheriff Oakes also stated that the victim had been shot in the back of the head and that the shooter is still claiming that it was accidental. At the time of this report, the shooter was not in custody, but remained in the company of investigators, helping.

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